Tiana Sanford

Born and raised in Fort Worth Texas, Tiana received her undergraduate degree in Political Science from Texas A&M University and her law degree from the University of Houston Law Center. Her passion for service to others, social justice and community, led her to a profession she never thought she would ever pursue– a prosecutor. She soon realized that her passions aligned well with the work she would encounter as a prosecutor.

Tiana serves as a Chief Prosecutor in the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office where she has handled a variety of cases. She is currently assigned as the Chief of the Misdemeanor Division. In this role Tiana supervises the work of multiple court teams including attorneys, investigators and support staff and focuses on the education, training and development of newly appointed prosecutors.

While at the District Attorney’s office Tiana has specialized in the investigation and prosecution of public corruption including misconduct by police officers, elected officials and educators. In addition to her traditional prosecutorial duties, Tiana has been given the opportunity to apply her passion to nontraditional prosecutorial roles including serving as a Legislative Liaison and Community Liaison.

As a Legislative Liaison Tiana works with lawmakers, law enforcement professionals, nonprofits and community leaders to create laws that affect the criminal justice system. In her role as Community Liaison Tiana focuses her energy on developing programs, policies and procedures that are reflective of key principles of community based prosecution. She believes that a prosecutor’s statutory duty, to see that justice is done, includes a duty to participate in efforts aimed at education, prevention and service to the community.

Tiana is an active member of the Texas District and County Attorneys Association. She has served on the Diversity, Recruitment and Retention committee and currently serves as the Chair of the Training committee. She is working with a team to develop implicit and cognitive bias training for Texas prosecutors and sits on the Board of Directors.

Tiana believes that everyone has a responsibility to use their gifts to influence their environment for the better. Outside of the realm of criminal law, she places her energy into endeavors that encourage and inspire people to identify their unique talents, reach their full potential and use their influence. When she is not training prosecutors across the State of Texas, you can find her serving as a mentor, volunteering or speaking to a variety of organizations on topics ranging from leadership and diversity to civic engagement.

Tiana is energized when organizing with others to create movements and seeks the opportunity to build community wherever she goes. She believes that our unique perspectives are invaluable; and transforming our environments is dependent on authentic individuals having the ability to confidently take their seat at the table and contribute.