Nick Madincea

"Space For Humanity: The Liberating Truth About Drones"

Nick was the Leader of Boy Scout Troop 772, one of the largest troops in Texas with over 250 members. His impact was lauded by senior scout leaders, who credited him with advancing scouts at an unprecedented rate. Nick enjoys everything aeronautical. This includes his passion for drone flying, racing, and fixing, as well as his pursuit of his private pilot's license. In his free time, Nick enjoys attending space exploration-related activities in Houston, and watching Formula One racing. Mr. Madincea has been influenced by his mentors, who include lawyers, entrepreneurs, and leaders in sports entertainment; all of whom continue to shape Nick to become an outstanding leader, role model, and industry bellwether.

Marjorie Ferrone

Marjorie graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League University in the heart of Philadelphia. During her time there, she worked for both the student and university newspapers, practicing communications and public relations skills. Before her attendance at UPenn, Marjorie spent two years at the United States Naval Academy, where she was noted for her integrity, her exception leadership abilites, and her dedication to those she lead. Ultimately, Marjorie decided to voluntarily resign from the Naval Academy in search of a more flexible learning environment. However, Marjorie left with an amazing operation understanding. When Marjorie isn't planning our next event, she enjoys spending time with family and being out.