Bin Mai

Dr. Bin Mai is currently a faculty member in Department of Education Administration and Human Resource Development, College of Education and Human Development, Texas A & M University. He’s the Coordinator of the department’s Technology Management degree program. Dr. Mai’s main research interests focus primarily on the analytical, empirical and behavioral investigations of Information Technology Management (ITM) / Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) in general, and of information security (InfoSec) and data privacy in particular, and has published widely in these fields. He also has expansive experience in ITM/HCI/InfoSec curriculum design and delivery. Dr. Mai has recognized the emerging significant trends in IT industry of increasing emphasis on human elements in information security and privacy, and firmly believes, and whole-heartedly anticipates, the necessary shift to a more human-centric paradigm in studying information security and privacy, both in academic researches, as well as in education curriculum design. He envisions a new inter-disciplinary paradigm that put human decision making as the focal point of information security studies, and has been actively participating in projects that help to usher in this next stage of information security and privacy research, education, and practices.

In his free time (although with a 8-yer old, free time has become increasingly rare), Dr. Mai likes to watch interesting movies, play online game of Mahjong, and enjoys playing tennis, swimming, ice-skating, and kayaking (although he’s good at none of them). He would like to learn to golf and travel around the world if (and that is a huge if) he has more time and resources. He lives with his wife and son in College Station, Texas.